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Inviting you into our home

In 2015 Scott and Jamie Fletcher started their first venture at 63 Gates Street. That venture was Fletcher Creations. Scott, the sole creator of all of Fletcher Creations pieces, repurposed architectural salvage into custom furniture. Stepping into 63 Gates Street today, you can see pieces of Fletcher Creations in each part of Ava's from the islands which all the candy sits on, to the lighting, and even the barn boards that adorn the walls.

Anyone who has been in downtown WRJ over the past years have seen Scott and Ava. They are hard to miss. Scott covered in tattoos and gauged ears on his Harley, Ava on the back, with her crazy hair, perfect style and uncomparable attitude. The store is a perfect metaphor for their amazing father/daughter relationship. While Jamie does run the business end of everything, Scott and Ava are forever the creative geniuses that fuel each and every idea behind everything. 

So in the fall of 2018 when Ava suggested putting a candy corner inside the store, no one thought it was a crazy idea. Since the launch of the candy store in April of 2019, Ava's has grown in a way no one truly expected. The store is a project of pure love for our entire family. 

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